My name is Rachael Robson.  In January 2015, I finished my B.A. in English at Rhode Island College.  I plan to pursue a Master’s in Library Science, and become a children’s librarian.

I love reading – that probably goes without saying – and I will read anything that’s put in front of me: ads, grocery lists, technology magazines, the fine print on napkins.  I have even learned to enjoy reading literary criticism (they should warn you of that possibility when you declare your major).

I have an enduring interest in children’s literature in particular, however, and a firm belief in the importance of good books for young readers.  I would love to double-major in Library Science and Children’s Literature, but since I have no desire to spend the next decade (and my few remaining marbles) in school, I have decided to study the latter on my own.

This blog will chronicle my adventures in reading and studying children’s literature, as well as my occasional forays into young adult books and my general reading and literature-related thoughts.

I welcome your comments, questions, emails, and suggestions – one of my favorite ways to dig into books is by discussing them with other readers.  So don’t be shy; look how openly I’m sharing all the ideas that I will be too embarrassed to look at a year from now!  – Really, though, I expect to grow a lot through this experience/experiment, and I would love to hear from you and learn from/with you along the way.

Here is the part where I give you links to all the other places where I embarrass myself online:

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