Seven for Saturday, 3/28

March 28, 2015 § 4 Comments

Cellar StoriesThis week was another busy one, and although I’ve finished two books so far, I was unable to finish any reviews.  I had hoped to post more; I will try again next week.

In the meantime, here is another helping of delicious literary links for you!  Enjoy.

This book about childhood penpals looks so good.

How many classic children’s books have you read?  I took the quiz and got a pretty low score – 39, I think – but I hope to dramatically improve that score in the next year or two!  I could name a couple of books that deserve to be on this list, and a handful of titles that should be removed from the list (Robinson Crusoe?!  Not a child’s book).  Still, it’s a fun way to remind yourself about all the great “kids’ books” you’ve read and all the books that are left for you to discover!

This site is so useful for anyone who has a fear of pronouncing authors’ names incorrectly!  It came in handy in my last video.

There has been so much discussion online recently about the importance of reading “diversely.”  I hope to share a few thoughts on this topic soon, but in the meanwhile here are two articles that present rarely-voiced and valuable contributions to the subject: Serving Conservative Teens by Nicole Jenks and The Religion of No Religion by S. Smith.

I see hundreds of picture books every day, so I tend to be drawn to the ones that look different from the rest.  Book Riot has a great list of unusually large picture books; I’d like to request these through the library system but I think the delivery men would not appreciate it…

Here is a list of many, many events in the US and elsewhere celebrating Alice’s 150th!  Wherever you live, there is probably an event near you.

I have an extra link for you today!  I love the blog What’s She Reading: the author posts a new review several times a week – usually a young adult book – and, what’s especially exciting, includes a note on any explicit content.  If you’re looking for clean YA books, try this blog.

Have you found any interesting literary links this week?  Have a lovely weekend!  May it be full of books.


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